Sales and Rental of Piping

Currently, we are the official distributors for Mexico and Central America of FCE

In our new line of products and services, we offer sales of piping and Hammer Union connections, including the main Figure types, for Standard Service or H2S service. Within the link, you can see the products that can be imported.

We offer comprehensive pipe management services, including the rental of certified pipes and racks for transportation.

In our new line of products and services, we provide sales of pipes and Hammer Union connections. These connections come in the main Figure types and are suitable for Standard Service or H2S environments.

Basic Components for a Pipeline System

Elbows (45° and 90°)

Choke Manifold

A choke manifold is a crucial component in well control systems. It is designed to control and regulate the flow of fluids during drilling operations.
The choke manifold typically has a nominal line size of 3 inches and a pressure range of 5000/10000/15000 PSI
It can operate within a temperature range of -29 °C to 121 °C


Tees are used to create branch connections in a pipeline. They allow the flow to be split into different directions. There are six available combinations of tees based on the specific requirements of the client.

End Connections

End connections are used to join the pipeline components together. They can be Hammer Union type or customized based on the client's requirements. Hammer Union connections are widely used in the oil and gas industry for their robustness and ease of installation.

Characteristics of Pipes and Main Figure Types for Sale.

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