PVC Geomembranes

The geomembrane is an impermeable plastic laminate that prevents fluid loss and leakage. It is made of high-density polyethylene with high molecular weight and high resistance to ultraviolet rays. It is used as a barrier to protect soils and sensitive materials and achieve waterproofing.

Due to its perfectly elastic tensile behavior and high flexibility, it does not fail when bent or placed on uneven and settlement-prone substrates.

Oil wells.
Under equipment that handles various fluids.
Industrial ponds, rainwater harvesting, decorative lakes, and water mirrors.
Waterproofing of retaining walls and adjacent walls.
Green roofs.
Portable water tanks.
Protection of foundations, embankments, and pavements; control of expansive soils.

We have this product available for rent or sale in rolls or customized sizes, assembled or to be assembled on any surface required by the client.
We have trained personnel for the handling, installation, assembly, and uninstallation of geomembranes.

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