Equipment Inspection

Equipment Inspection

We offer three levels of inspection for low, medium, and high-pressure equipment:

Visual Inspection Visual inspection of piping or equipment to detect any defects or deformations.

Thickness Measurement Measurement of thickness using ultrasonic equipment to determine wear on the walls of the components.

Pressure Testing (Up to 25,500 psi) Hydrostatic pressure testing in accordance with industry standards and client requirements to determine the integrity of the piping or equipment.

Pressure Bay

We have a dedicated Pressure Bay for conducting testing and certifications of your piping and equipment.
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing is performed according to industry standards or client requirements to determine the integrity and leak-tightness of the piping or equipment. This testing is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of the components in various applications.

Our equipment is calibrated and certified according to the relevant regulations. This ensures that our equipment meets the required standards and operates accurately and reliably. We prioritize the calibration and certification of our equipment to maintain the highest level of quality and compliance in our services.

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